ECATTS got its start over 10 years ago providing over 350 unique online environmental compliance and safety courses to the U.S. military.

Over 2 million tests have been taken by over 1 million people in the Navy, Air Force, Army and NASA which are all using ECATTS to train their personnel, staff and contractors.

If you live in Honolulu or Alaska, chances are you’ve taken ECATTS training too.


Reasons to Choose ECATTS online environmental training:

ECATTS is job and state-specific.
ECATTS generates an individual training plan for each person, based on their job.
ECATTS provides certificates with a full tracking system in a permanent, globally-accessible database.
ECATTS provides environmental training to anyone, not just specialists in their fields.
ECATTS makes regulatory compliance affordable and easy.

Now ECATTS contractor training is available
to everyone!

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